Everything You Need To Know About Nmag: Hamro Social Network

By Abish Shakya


It got me wondering why we needed another social media app when I first discovered Nmag but once I’ve started using the app, I’ve realised that it’s an app designed specially for Nepalis. Many countries around the world have their own popular social media, and Nmag is Nepal’s.

We asked Pranab Joshi—the creator of the app—to get to know the app better and to know learn about his vision of Nmag.
Why create Nmag?

 This app has been created to bring all Nepalis together in one social platform. While there are many social media apps around, a user of Nmag will know all about what is happening in Nepal. Be it by adding friends, creating posts or being involved in groups, its users will connect and intact with the activities and trends of Nepal.


What are its basic features?

There are plenty of features of Nmag which include the basics of any social media app which includes adding friends, creating a post, sending messages, uploading pictures and share videos.

It gives you news updates to keep you updated on what is happening in Nepal.

Besides this, Nmag is also an e-commerce site which lets you browse through Nepali stores to shop online and find the best deals.

The app lets you buy and sell second hand items in the classified post which gives you the option to upload a picture of your product and auction it off to your bidder.

It gives you the updates on the events happening in town so you can find a place to go out to on a Friday night or find something you can get involved in.

You can read articles and blogs from celebrities and your favourite social media platform here in Nmag itself.


What if I want to create my own store or post an article?

If you are looking to genuinely work on online marketing, you can contact Nmag to create your online store and sell your products online.

Similarly, Nmag can also give privileges to post articles and blogs for bloggers.


So what are Nmag’s special features? 

Nmag has its own credits or virtual currency which you can use to claim special offers .

We can hold our own contests to vote such as the one we did with Miss Nepal this time around.

You can create your profile which we can place in a special directory so interested people can find the right people for their project. As for now, we have a models directory so people can check their profile if they require a model.


What exciting things await for Nmag?

As for now, we’re working on creating the Nmag messenger which will have features such as free texting, group chat, file sharing, video chat, voice call, voice message, multi-language chat and doodling.

We have many exciting long vision plans but we’re only looking forward to get more user at the moment. This app is created for the people, to promote their work and build a community for those who do not have a strong PR while strengthening those already have a good reach.

As for what more lies ahead, it’s exciting but you’ll have to wait.

Download the app for android now. Will be available for iOS soon.

Source : https://wavemag.com.np/nmag-hamro-social-network/

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